Frequently Asked Questions
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Last revised: October 10, 2021


Q: "What is SmartEscrow™?"
A: Conduct a real property settlement utilizing cryptocurrency stablecoins.

Q: "When will the SmartEscrow™ product officially launching?"
A: We estimate that SmartEscrow™ will be completed in early 2021 (October). This date may change. Once launched soft-launched, we will be doing a month of testing and bug fixes with a small group of title/escrow, underwriters, and banks. If you're from any of these industries and wish to be an early tester, please email us.

Q: "When is the SmartEscrow™ demo going to be ready?"
A: As of October 11, 2021 the SmartEscrow™ demo is now available! Please fill out the demo request form on our website. We are booking demos on a first come first serve basis. Due to the proprietary nature of our software, we require all companies signing up to fill out a mutual Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Q: "Who are the ideal SmartEscrow™ customers and users?"
A: Title, title insurance, and escrow firms. Along with any other firm, such as financial institution, that wants a blockchain recordation solution with their escrow offering.

Q: "What features are available with SmartEscrow™?"
A: See our Features page.


Q: "I was given access and an account was created by Ubitquity staff. How do I log into the SmartEscrow™ demo?"
A: Go to demo.smartescrow.us and enter the login credentials. Once you're brought to the demo login page, enter the other account credentials you were supplied. If you need assistance please email: info@ubitquity.io or use our live chat during regular business hours.

Q: "What stable coins do you currently support?"
A: We support Paxos Standard, Paxos Gold, Tether, TrueUSD, USD Coin, with plans to support other stable coins in the near future.

Q: "Do you have your own blockchain?"
A: No. We are a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider with a platform and API called unanimity. Building our own blockchain would not only be expensive to build and maintain, but it would be resource intensive and offer little value compared to using existing infrastructure. We are 100% blockchain agnostic and support permissionless, permissioned, federated, and consortium blockchains. We currently support Proton but we will support other blockchains, that have smart contract capability, upon request (i.e. Ethereum). Learn more on our Platform page.

Q: "We are in need of custom integration services. Can you help us integrate SmartEscrow™ into our unique workflow?"
A: Yes. We offer this via our Managed Solutions offering.


Q: "I'm a title, title insurance underwriter, or escrow firm. How do I pay to use SmartEscrow™?"
A: Contact us for details.

Q: "What does SmartEscrow™ cost to use?"
A: Email us for pricing details.